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Pensacola Criminal Defense Lawyer Services

Valerie Erwin Prevatte has been the lead attorney on over 20,000 criminal cases in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. As a former prosecutor at the State Attorney's Office in Pensacola, Mrs. Prevatte prosecuted a multitude of criminal cases ranging from serious felony offenses to DUIs, misdemeanors and traffic infractions.

After leaving the State Attorney's Office, Mrs. Prevatte opened her own law practice in Pensacola. Early in her solo practice, she represented clients in a variety of legal matters such as family law cases, small claims disputes, injunction hearings, traffic infraction hearings and, of course, criminal cases. She later narrowed her practice to primarily criminal defense which remains her focus today.

Valerie Prevatte has extensive trial experience with both bench trials (sometimes referred to as judge trials) and jury trials. She has been the lead attorney in over 600 trials.

Areas of Practice Include:

Injunction aka "Restraining Orders"
Drug Offenses
Domestic Violence
Hunting and Fishing Violations
First Appearances
Video Court
Bond Hearings
Violations of Probation/Community Control
Juvenile/Delinquency Court
Driving/Boating Under the Influence
Small Claims
Traffic Infraction Hearings
DHSMV Formal Review Hearings